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Challenge: Electronic time recording of employees

In every company, the working hours of employees must be legally recorded and controlled. Many offices or company buildings either use a time clock or write down the working hours manually. With Loxone, working hours can be recorded even more easily. In this application example, we will show you how to implement electronic time recording with Loxone.


Solution: Recording of working hours with the NFC Code Touch

With the  NFC code touch  not only can the working hours of employees be recorded, but much more. Beverage and meal billing, individual  Access control, ... there are no limits to the possibilities.


The implementation of electronic time recording can be done in different ways, depending on the installation requirements, the needs of the company and the number of employees. The best option is via the NFC Code Touch, which employees either use a code or the  Key fob  to be able to use. About the  Loxone app  the employer can easily add, change or delete users.


Whenever the employer needs the data for follow-up, it can be downloaded in a file. Those responsible can also view the last 100 entries in the app.


The advantages of electronic time recording

With Loxone, time recording is extremely simplified not only for the employee, but also for the employer. In addition, the NFC Code Touch offers many other possible uses, be it for simple access control, for billing, and much more.



Electronic time recording of employees - use case