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Loxone Explaind

Loxone Explained – how it works

The new video format "Loxone Explained" from Loxone shows you how it's done. Discover many helpful video tutorials now.

Outdoor presence detector

Your own garden is the highlight of every property, especially in summer. Here, too, you can intelligently control the lighting, music and much more - through presence-dependent automation. But there are a few small hurdles to overcome, which we will explain to you in this issue of Loxone Explained.

Automate your garden, terrace & Co. intelligently

As in the indoor areas, the exact presence detection is also an important prerequisite for all automated processes outdoors, for example on the terrace. Whether activating the  lighting  or the  music , stopping the garden watering or deactivating the mowing process of a robotic lawn mower and much more. 

But there is a crucial difference in presence detection compared to indoors. For example, it can happen that cats, rabbits or other animals run through the garden or across the terrace and so from  presence detector  be recognized. However, to ensure that the light does not go on in the middle of the night or the music starts playing, the sole detection of presence is not decisive. In the video we tell you how to solve this intelligently.

Configure awning

The days are getting longer and the weather is finally inviting us to spend a few sunny hours on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. Of course, this also means that our shading, such as the awning, is used more frequently again. But how do you quickly and easily integrate an awning into a Loxone building?

Intelligent shading outdoors

Various products are suitable for integrating an awning into a building automated with Loxone in order to be able to cover all applications. It doesn't matter whether you want wired or wireless products, you remain completely flexible.

Shading: prevent lockouts

The sun is shining, the temperatures are getting higher and so all house and garden owners are drawn out into the countryside. Again and again we get asked the question: Do I need door and window contacts? And how do I prevent the shading from closing automatically when I enter the garden, terrace or balcony? In the new Loxone Explained Video we show you how to configure smart shading including lock-out protection.

AAL alert chain

The topic of Ambient Assisted Living - AAL for short - i.e. the support of older or disabled people, is very important to us. With Loxone, we want to increase the safety of people and their families. Things like fall control, an emergency call button, automatic access for emergency services, detection of atypical behavior and much more can already be implemented today.

Implement fall control, emergency call button & alarm chains with Loxone

The fall control triggers an alarm chain as soon as there is a fall from which you cannot recover on your own. For example, if a resident gets out of bed at night to go to the toilet, the presence detector in the bedroom detects the movement and a run-on time begins in which further movement must be detected before the alarm starts. If the person now walks down the hallway in the direction of the bathroom, the next presence is detected here and a new run-on time begins. If the person falls down and stops moving within the range of the presence detector in the bathroom, an alarm is triggered after the defined run-on time. 

Find out in the video how the fall control is configured, how to set up the alarm chain correctly and how voice commands can now also start alarm chains with the help of Siri thanks to the Apple HomeKit integration. We will also explain how you can use an emergency call button via the  button air  or  Wrist Button Air  configure.

Hey Siri...

Thanks to official Apple HomeKit support, you can now  lightingshadingventilation  heating  and much more in your building using Siri. The deep integration of the Home app in iOS, MacOS or iPadOS makes it even easier and faster to access your favorite functions via the control center. Loxone is the only manufacturer of professionally installed automation solutions that natively supports Apple HomeKit.

But in addition to voice control and alternative visualization, the HomeKit integration offers another cool feature: From now on, the Loxone building blocks can also be used in the Apple shortcuts app.

Smart pool control

Until now, keeping the pool clean, properly caring for it, keeping an eye on the level of chemicals, starting the various processes combined with several timers at the right time was a great effort and often still had to be done manually. But we have a simple and comprehensive solution for this:

The "pool control" function block works with the specially developed Aquastar Air  by Peraqua. This is a 6-way backwash valve that allows easy monitoring and control of a pool. All information about the Aquastar Air and the "pool control" function module can be found in the video.

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