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Returns / Complaints:


If you suspect a defect in one of our products, please create a support ticket. We will accept your complaint and inform you of how to proceed.

> How can you return the goods?
You can find information about this in our cancellation policy.

> How can I return a package?
If you would like to return your order or exchange goods, please fill out the complaint form below and we will send you a complaint.Return form. The costs for returning or re-shipping must be borne by the customer.

> To which address do I have to return the package??

Luttinger technology

Teichstrasse 23
4641 Steinhaus near Wels

Complaint request:

Upload file

We will take care of your request as soon as possible!

Parcel goods are returned to:

Luttinger Technologie

Teichstrasse 23

A-4641 Steinhaus bei Wels

You have the right to return the goods in their original packaging within fourteen days without giving any reason.

If you want to return items later, we reserve the right to charge a handling fee of 10%, which may arise for re-storing the goods in the dealer's warehouse, and will be deducted from the credit. Thank you for your understanding. 

Important information about complaints


  • As soon as the device in question has been checked by us, in the event of a warranty claim you will either receive a full credit for the device price, or we will repair it or deliver a replacement

  • Unpaid packages or packages with insufficient postage cannot be accepted

  • For returns without a valid complaint number, a processing fee of €15 will be charged

  • In addition, we charge a flat rate inspection fee of €20 per complained device in the following cases:

    • Devices with damage that is not covered by the warranty

    • Devices that have been sent to us for inspection and do not have any errors

    • Devices that are no longer within the warranty period

    • If there is no error in the device, contrary to what we were told

    • Items that are returned within 14 days but show significant signs of wear or damage to the packaging

  • We reserve the right to send returns without a REKL number back to the sender unprocessed

Download return form >>

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