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Your Loxone Smart Home that thinks for you and relieves you of thousands of tasks!

Loxone Smart Home

The Loxone Smart Home 


Today, up to 150 home technology and entertainment electronic devices are controlled in a home, from shading, lighting, heating, alarms, photovoltaics, music, sauna to access and monitoring, often each individual component with different controls such as switches, remote controls, timers and more. Neither device knows what the other is doing or what the resident wants.

In the Loxone Smart Home, however, everything is combined in a central, intelligent centerpiece, the small green mini server. Ordinary buttons and simple controls are integrated into the system just like photovoltaic systems and other complex systems. 

Wir planen dein Smart Home
Loxone Miniserver

Easy to use


Regardless of whether you use a switch as usual or via your smartphone while on the go, you can control the Loxone Smart Home as you wish. For example, with the goodnight switch: lights off, roller shutters down, alarm system activated, temperature reduced, standby devices off, music off. 

Intelligent automatisieren

Automate intelligently


Your smart home also automatically detects situations such as presence, temperature, weather, fire, burglary, sunset and more. It knows independently what to do and thereby makes the home intelligent. For example, when you are not at home, your smart home does many things: switching off energy guzzlers, lowering the temperature, alarming in the event of a break-in or fire, turning down the shading in the heat and much more. 

Future-proof and flexible


No matter whether your lifestyle changesthings change or new technologies come into your home. Thanks to the open miniserver architecture, the Loxone Smart Home is future-proof and flexible. The Loxone Smart Home makes your home smarter, more comfortable, safer and more energy efficient. It always remains easy to use and affordable! 

Loxone zukunftssicher und flexibel

The 360° Smart Home
Loxone system

Discover the numerous areas of application of Loxone and how the teamwork adapts non-stop to your needs.

Loxone - The comprehensive complete solution – for all your projects


At Loxone you get all products for your automation projects from a single source. From the necessary control components and the appropriate sensors to high-quality LED lighting technology and the appropriate multiroom audio system - our comprehensive product range covers all your requirements.

Top 5 reasons for a smart home

What is special about the Loxone Smart Home System? It is easy to use, affordable and universally applicable. All components work together perfectly. Your intelligent house harmonises shading, heating and the like and lets them talk to each other.

And there are numerous other reasons why you should convert your home into a smart home. We have summarized the top 5 advantages for you:

Das Loxone Smart Home erledigt die meisten Aufgaben.

50,000 fewer movements, more time to live. The Loxone Smart Home does most of the work.

Wir haben für jeden Anwendungsfall die richtige Lösung. Von A wie Automatikbesschattung bis Z wie Zu

360 ° solution: We have the right solution for every application. From A for automatic shading to Z for access.

Loxone Rundum mehr Sicherheit.

More security all round. From burglary protection, more security for children to the privacy of your data.

Loxone Heizkosten sparen

Save up to 51% heating and cooling costs. With Loxone, your home is perfectly tempered and energy-optimized.

Loxone einfache Bedienung

Easy to operate via button or app. Operate lights, shading, music, ... with just one button per room.

the online shop

Miniserver Extensions
Loxone Miniserver

Mini server & Extensions


Loxone connects all components in the intelligent building, similar to the human nervous system. All strands come together to the brain, the mini server. Extensions add a variety of additional functions. This makes Loxone infinitely flexible.

Loxone Beschattung



With our extensive product portfolio you can get more out of your sonprotection. Taxes andYou can easily automate any shading element. No matter whether blinds, roller shutters, awnings...

Loxone Beleuchtung



Our high-quality LED spots and designer lights provide breathtaking light. Thanks to dimmers and numerous interfaces, you can also integrate any light source into your lighting control system.

Loxone Sicherheit



For us, security is more than protection against burglary. Alarm sirens, smoke detectors, access solutions and the like protect you, your privacy and the building.

Raumklima steuern mit Loxone

Heating, cooling & Ventilate


Products dMonitoring the indoor climate around the clock and ensuring the ideal combination of temperature, fresh air and humidity is what you can expect from Loxone.

Audio in jedem Raum mit Loxone

Multimedia & Music


The products around our audio server ensure that your favorite song can be heard in every roomt. 

Energie messen mit Loxone

Energy & PV

Our smart products ensure more energy efficiency through clever control of climate, shading and consumers. This not only protects your wallet, but also the environment.

The must-haves
in every room

The following functions are essential for intelligent control in your building.


Presence detection

The presence of people has a major influence on the behavior of the room, e.g. in terms of lighting, security, heating. We therefore recommend at least one in every room.Presence detector.

Intelligente Lüftung


Fresh air is an essential factor for your own well-being and health. An intelligent Ventilation system helps you meet the optimal need for fresh air.

Einfache Bedienung


Everything works automatically in the smart home. If you would like to intervene, we recommend a Button in every room. This allows you to control light, shading & Control music manually at any time.

Öffnungszustand Türen und Fenster

Opening state
Windows & Doors

The opening status of windows and doors is crucial for many functions in the building, e.g. heating, security, etc. With a Door and window contact Air you can monitor this perfectly.

Temperatur und Klima

Temperature & Climate control

Regulate the temperatures in your home per room. In perfect interaction with the shading, solar energy is used to warm up the rooms.



Especially when it comes to security, the Loxone app an absolute must-have. In the event of an alarm, you will be notified immediately via push notification and can intervene more quickly if necessary.

Loxone Standards & recommendations


We recommend clear standards so that smart homes, residential buildings, hotels and the like can ideally adapt to the needs of their residents. These can relieve you of up to 50,000 potential actions and thought processes per year. The areas of presence, operation and temperature are particularly important for an intelligent, safe, energy-efficient and, above all, comfortable building. Based on the experience of many thousands of Loxone installations, we have derived simple principles and clear recommendations.

The Loxone

Button standard

Fewer keys, more clarity – this is the motto under which we designed the Loxone key standard. It represents our clear recommendation for the operation and positioning of your buttons and is understandable for everyone.

Loxone Tastenstandard

Single click

Touching the large button in the middle switches the lighting on or changes the lighting mood. With a click on the button at the top left the shading opens, at the bottom left it goes down. The music is controlled on the right. One click on the button above and it gets louder, one click below and it gets quieter.

zweifach klick doppelklick

Double click

When leaving the room, a double click in the middle of the button is enough and the light and all devices in the room are switched off. With a double click on the button in the top right, you can change the music source. To turn the music off again, double-tap the button in the lower right corner.

Loxone Dreifach Klick

Triple click

A special highlight is the "house off" function, with which the entire building can be put into sleep mode with a triple click. The lights go out, standby devices are disconnected from the network, the alarm system is armed, etc. Always tailor-made, just the way you want it.

Multi room audio explained simply

Multi Room Audio enables what previously seemed impossible. Do you think back, what was your musical interior like 15 years ago? A device was placed in each room: radio in the bathroom, CD player in the kitchen, music system and speakers in the living room. It was almost impossible to transfer songs from one room to another.

Multi-room sound systems remove this spatial limitation and now make it possible to fill each of your rooms with the same or different music. In this video we explain how this is possible.

Loxone Audioserver kaufen

The audio server -
the most flexible audio solution for every building

The audio server is not a loudspeaker - it is the power behind your customers' wired loudspeakers. In combination with high-quality, passive 4-8Ω speakers, an impressive sound experience with brilliant sound is created. Whether quiet or loud, crystal-clear background music or strong party beats - the audio server masters all requirements with flying colors.

Combine its 4 integrated audio outputs into any group and provide music in all rooms. Its unlimited expandability makes the system infinitely flexible and freely scalable.

The audio server can be integrated almost invisibly and absolutely seamlessly into the intelligent building: as a loud alarm system in the restaurant, intelligent doorbell in the smart home, for individual announcements in the office and much more.

Thanks to the high-quality, specially developed hardware and software, the audio server is absolutely maintenance-free. The configuration takes place in the Loxone Config as usual.

Viele praktische Funktionen inklusive.

Ihr Multi Room System beinhaltet viele nützliche Funktionen die Ihnen das Leben noch angenehmer machen.

Loxone Audio System

Multi room audio - fully integrated

Thanks to the Loxone Music Server, each room can be individually sounded or music can be played in all rooms at the same time. Even more: Thanks to the Loxone Music Server, your multi-room audio system becomes a fully integrated part of your smart home .

Lautstarker Alarmton

Smart doorbell

If someone rings the doorbell, your individual sound will sound in every room. If the children are already asleep, the loudspeakers will remain silent and you will be informed of the visit with a flashing light.

Intelligente Türklingel

Loud alarm tone

With the Loxone Music Server you can implement an acoustic alarm function that informs you of the impending danger in good time. If the alarm is triggered, the Music Server plays an alarm tone at full volume and in all zones.


Thanks to intelligent voice notification, you can manually define texts that the loudspeakers play in the event of certain events.

Text to Speech
Sanfter Wecker

Gentle alarm clock

The Loxone Smart Home wakes you up the way you want it: in your bedroom
Your favorite song will be heard from the speakers in the morning from now on.

Intelligent automatisiert

Intelligently automated

When entering a room the music is activated automatically. If no one is in the room, it is automatically deactivated again.

Limitlessly flexible.
No matter what type of sound.

Beschallung über Wandlautsprecher

Sound system over
Wall speakers

Touching the large button in the middle switches the lighting on or changes the lighting mood. With a click on the button at the top left, the shading goes up, and at the bottom left it goes down. The music is controlled on the right. One click on the button at the top and it gets louder, one click at the bottom and it gets quieter.

Beschallung über Deckenlautsprecher

Sound system over
Ceiling speakers


When leaving the room, all you need to do is double-click in the middle of the button and the light and all devices in the room will be switched off. Double-click the button at the top right to change the music source. To turn the music off again, double-tap the button at the bottom right.


Sound system over
Network zones


A special highlight is the “house off” function, in which the entire building is put into sleep mode with the help of a triple click. The lights go out, standby devices are unplugged, the alarm system is armed, etc. Always tailored to your needs.

Loxone Showroom in Wels

Loxone showroom in WelsExperience the Loxone Smart Home live

The Loxone Smart Home has to be experienced to be able to put it into words.


Embark on a journey of discovery and experience the Loxone Smart Home with your own senses.

Book your free adventure tour in the certified Loxone showroom in Wels.

Loxone showroom
Herrengasse 3
4600 catfish

Impressions of one
Smarter living with Loxone

smart home? Check!

So that you really don't forget anything during the construction phase of your smart home, we have put together a short checklist of the most important areas of application for you.


  • Basic lighting by LED built-in spots / surface-mounted spots

  • Effect lighting using LED strips

  • Accent lighting LED Pendulum Slim

  • Outdoor lighting/garden lighting


  • Touch / Touch Pure

  • Tablet holder in the living area

  • Touch Surface Touch

  • night light

  • remote air

Climate (heating, cooling, ventilation)

  • Possibility to control a decentralized ventilation system (Leaf/Internorm/etc.)

  • Possibility to control the heating and the circulation pump (e.g. air heat pump)

  • Actuators Tree/Air

  • Temperature and humidity measurement per room (included in Touch Pure / Touch)

  • Timely planning meeting with Loxone partner and heating or ventilation installer


  • Sufficiently dimensioned house connection

  • Wiring for e-car charging station

  • Wiring for a PV system

  • Wiring for a battery storage

  • WiFi access point

  • LAN cable for Miniserver/Audioserver to distributor

  • Sufficiently dimensioned technical room

  • Garden distributor with sufficient supply line and empty piping for pool, garden lighting, etc


  • NFC Code Touch at the entrance doors

  • Loxone Intercom at the main entrance door

  • Motor lock (main entrance/side entrance)

  • Possibility to control the electric garage door

  • Garage door opening monitoring


  • Audio Server & Stereo Extension

  • (Ceiling) speakers incl. back box

  • IR Control Air


  • Possibility to control the electric blinds/shutters

  • Possibility to control the sun sail or the awning

  • Weather station including weather service

  • Door & window contacts


  • Presence detectors in every interior

  • Outdoor presence detector


  • Presence detectors in every interior

  • Door & window contacts

  • smoke detector

  • Alarm siren outside

  • water sensors

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