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Experience life
with Loxone Smart Home

The Loxone showroom
discover in Wels

The Loxone Smart Home has to be experienced to be able to put it into words.

Embark on a journey of discovery and experience the Loxone Smart Home with your own senses. Book your free adventure tour in the Loxone showroom in Wels.

Loxone showroom
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Digital showroom in Wels

We are proud to be one of the first Loxone partners to present to you the new digital interactive showroom from Loxone.

What is the Loxone Digital Showroom?

The Digital Showroom is the new one Addition to the showroom for our customers. Here you can interactively experience many of Loxone's functions and products. You watch a video produced by Loxone, while various Loxone features are started directly in the showroom at defined times during the video.


For example, lights, Speaker or also Shading automatically on and off when their functions are explained in the video. This means that those interested in technology can experience Loxone even more intensively and up close.

Experience Loxone up close

After visiting the digital showroom, you can interact with other Loxone products  interact in our showroom. For example, here are Window contacts  and associated alarm messages can be felt when the window is still open.


Of course, other products can also be used here, for examplePresence detector  ,  Temperature sensors  ,  Button  Etc.

Digitaler Loxone Showroom
Loxone Digitaler Showroom Shop
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