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Emilum LED spots

What are your advantages with these LED spots?


At the Development With the LED spots we wanted to go one step further than what is currently available on the market. Emilum uses an in-house light laboratory and spent a lot of time there. There are three components that are in great contradiction to each other: high efficiency, high color rendering index and low price. To put it very simply, you can say: If you optimize one of these parameters, the other two will deteriorate. And this is exactly where we pulled the trigger and didn't let up. We took a completely new approach and focused on the secondary parameters (thermal design, degradation, etc.) during development. This is the only way we were able to forego the usual compromise! What does this mean for you? Firstly, fewer spots – therefore fewer follow-up costs as there is also less wiring & Construction work is necessary. Secondly, a more natural, better light thanks to the brilliant color rendering index (>90). Third, a highly efficient spot at a fair price!

Emilum LED Spots

Emilum LED 24V PWM Retrofit (E27 E14 GU10)

24V LEDFilament Leuchtmittel

The advantages of the 24V LED filament lamps are clearly convincing


We offer the first perfectly controllable 24V LED filament lamps. The control takes place via commercially available LED PWM dimmer. These lamps - regardless of whether as classic LED bulbs or as elegant LED candle – also have no prescribed polarity. This means there are no limits to the converter. Converting a chandelier or other light from 230Vac to 24Vdc can be done in no time.

With the brilliant light of the filament bulbs of 2700K and a Color rendering index of at least 90 (typically 93), every room shines in a new light. The perfect arrangement of the individual filaments results in a wonderful radiation characteristic in all directions.
The built-in electronics always regulate the luminous flux to the same value, regardless of whether the voltage is only 23V or even 26V. This results in perfect dimming behavior without flickering or even “jerking”. Even interference caused by ripple control signals or a not 100% compatible Phase dimmer (as with 230Vac lamps) are therefore completely excluded.
An absolutely incomparable minimum dimming level can only be achieved with our 24V LED filament lamps.
Perfect light at any time of the day or night is also guaranteed, never have to worry about flickering and the like again.

Emilum wall & Ceiling lights

The technical refinements of our LED wall light


Thanks to the consistent use of high-quality materials such as powder-coated aluminum (white & black) and glass, the LED wall light is ideal for both outside and inside.
The well thought-out connection system of our lamp with plug-in terminals not only makes installation easier, but also saves additional terminals and makes it easier to “loop through” up to 10 pieces. Lights in series.
Small details such as a neoprene damper between the outer housing and the inner part prevent the outer part from sitting crooked on the one hand and also prevent it from “rattling” in the wind.
Our proven electronics also work in our LED wall light. Regardless of whether it is 23V or 26V, the light always shines the same brightly, and reverse polarity protection goes without saying.

LED Wandleuchte RGBW 24V

Emilum Stripes