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LED hat-rail dimmer with 4 PWM outputs each 75W.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Short-circuit proof - no backup fuse is required , the device switches completely in the event of a short circuit  away!
  • 1-4 channel operation with output power up to 300W @ 24Vdc and 600W @ 48Vdc
  • Fader for extremely smooth dimming with 16-bit, 
  • Frequencies adjustable up to 2.4kHz,  no more flicker
  • Dimming curves (gamma corrected)
  • minimum dimming level
  • min.max.level adjustable


Power: 240W
Nominal voltage: 12-48 Vdc
Protection class: IP20
Dimmable: Yes (PWM)
Current: 10A
Flickerfree: no
Lifespan (Ta > 50,000h
Product width: 2 TE
Interfaces: DMX / RDM, RS-485


Our 4-channel hat-rail dimmer with PWM output was specially developed for use in the smart home,
Of course, there are many other areas of application such as theater, general lighting and much more.

Priority was given to the highest standard in all respects during development.

One of  most important aspects  is the  real short-circuit strength  our dimmer.  A backup fuse with a fuse is not sufficient according to the applicable standard to guarantee 100% building security. A fuse is a necessary link in the safety chain, which is already built into the dimmer.

We have another feature on the  excellent properties of the dimming outputs  placed.  Lowest dimming level, finest dimming behavior without jerking, high dimming frequencies  and much more.

LED PWM dimmer, 4-channel, DMX / RDM, 12-48V, 300W (600W @ 48V)

SKU: E10072