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DMX offers you many options for the intelligent control of light, especially with LED lighting.

  • 128 channels with only one extension
  • realize individual light scenes with color


Item description

DMX control - intelligent control of light

The DMX Extension enables simple implementation of lighting in residential buildings, hotels, offices or industrial projects. It is perfect for creating colored light scenes in combination with LED strips. Simply connected to the mini server, the DMX extension is used for intelligent and simple control of your DMX devices.

The highlights

Economical & future-proof
Established by lighting professionals for years, the DMX control finds its way into your residential and commercial project, thanks above all to economical LED technology. More and more manufacturers rely on DMX.

One DMX control for all DMX devices
With the DMX controller you control the entire DMX lighting, simply and intelligently thanks to the scalable mini server structure.

Easy operation & integration
You can set up your DMX lighting quickly and easily using our free configuration software and control and automate it with the Miniserver simply using a button or practically using your smartphone.


Technical details

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scope of delivery

1 x DMX extension

1 x connection diagram and brief instructions

DMX Extension

SKU: 100012

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