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With the Loxone IR Control Air you have your InFuerarot devices under control from TV to air conditioning!

  • sends and receives infrared signals
  • Multimedia devices, air conditioning, and much more. Taxes
  • based on Loxone Air radio technology
  • use your infrared remote control in the smart home


Infrared technology for your smart home

Expand your Loxone Smart Home wirelessly and quickly with infrared technology thanks to IR Control Air! So you can easily integrate all your infrared devices - from TV to air conditioning. You can also use your remote control as a control instrument for your home.


Integrate your IR devices into the Loxone Smart Home

With the Loxone IR Control Air you can integrate all devices with an infrared interface into your smart home, simple to use and intelligent automation, from your multimedia devices for your home cinema to air conditioning systems.

You can connect up to 4 external IR transmitter eyes to the IR Control Air and thus integrate several devices wirelessly.


Control your home with your remote control

With the Loxone IR Control Air you can turn a conventional remote control into a smart home control instrument. For example, you have your shading, lighting, etc. fully under control with the TV remote control.

The IR Control Air has an IR receiver built directly into it. You can also connect and place an additional external IR receiver.


scope of delivery

1x Loxone IR Control Air

1x USB power supply with 3 different connector types (US, UK, EU)

1x micro USB cable

4x external IR twin transmitters (cable length 2m) for attachment to the receiver device

1x external IR receiver (cable length 1.5m)

IR Control Air

SKU: 100141