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Each of you is certainly familiar with the problem of wanting to include floor lamps, table lamps or maybe old heirloom lamps in your new home or renovation and want to integrate them into your smart home.


Thanks Philips Hue  this is possible and with our demo Loxone Config it can be easily implemented by anyone  and integrated into Loxone smart.


I want to save time and not spend hours searching the net for instructions:

The config contains step-by-step instructions and the Philipps Hue integration is done in a few minutes.


See Luttinger in the Loxone Showroom:

Philips Hue integration can also be experienced live in our showroom in Wels. Just arrange onemeeting with us. 


What are the benefits of Philips Hue?

With Philips Hue you redesign your home - with light. With its 16 million colors, the innovative lighting system always ensures the right ambience and optimal lighting. And always exactly the way you want it.


In 5  easy steps to the Philips Hue lighting system:

  • Connect your Philips Hue Bridge to the router and the power grid.
  • Install the free app on your smartphone.
  • Mount your Philips Hue lamps.
  • Connect the app to your lamps and the bridge.
  • Integrate your Hue Bridge into Loxone and control everything via your Loxone Smart Home

The smart Philips Hue system is ready!


Hardware required:
Phillip's Hue Bridge


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