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The Touch Pure Flex is as individual as the buildings and rooms in which it is used. In this variant, the Touch Pure Flex comes to you in a comprehensive standard configuration that covers the most important functions:

  • Lighting: Choose the right mood lighting quickly and easily
  • shading: Control shading in a targeted manner and move them to your desired position
  • Temperature:  Easily adjust the temperature
  • Party mode:  Good mood at the touch of a button. Start an individual party lighting and your favorite playlist - easily link all functions to get your building in a party mood
  • Audio: Adjust the volume, select your favorite playlist and skip through individual songs


item description

The Touch Pure Flex – your 100%
personalized control


  • Air or Tree variant
  • Power supply via 24V or battery
  • capacitive touch detection
  • Click Feedback
  • 11 tactile points
  • dimmable matrix display
  • 3 optional status LEDs
  • Humidity & temperature probe
  • easy installation and commissioning
  • ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor use
  • geeignet für die Loxone Montagerahmen (100487, 100488, 100489, 100490, 100515,_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_100516)
  • Recommended mounting height: 135 cm


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