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The Nano 2 Relay Tree is the ideal solution for quickly and easily integrating shading, lights, fans, pumps and other actuators into your projects using Loxone Tree technology. The very compact flush-mounted module has two powerful relays including automatic end position detection.

  • 2 digital outputs (floating with common contact)
    - 250VAC 10A at cos φ = 1 or
    - 30VDC 10A
    - Total load max. 12A

  • Including current flow detection
  • Suitable for shading, lighting, fans and much more.
  • Fully automatic end position detection
  • Very compact design - 42x39x20.5mm
  • Integrated 150mm long connecting cables
  • Commissioning in record time thanks to Loxone Tree technology


Flush-mounted actuator for every type of shading and more

Whether electric roller shutters, curtains, blinds or awnings - with the new flush-mounted module: Nano 2 Relay Tree you can integrate die Beschatung  into each of your customer projects in just a few simple steps.

The two powerful, potential-free relays enable the integration of all types of shading - whether in a family home, office, hotel, and much more.

Nano 2 Relay - function and start-up video


Integrated current flow detection

The Nano 2 Relay senses the flow of electrical current. As a result, the end positions of shading motors are determined fully automatically. This not only means considerable time savings during commissioning, but also saves the hassle of recalibrating the travel times. Due to the fully automatic end position detection, the current position is displayed immediately and 100% reliably in your visualization.

If the Nano 2 Relay is used as a universal actuator, the current flow of the two connected loads is recognized and added to the  Config as a digital input provided.


100% integrated into the Loxone system

The new shading companion fits 100% into each of your Loxone projects. Thanks to the full integration into the Loxone auto-configuration, the following functions are standard from day one:

  • button standard
  • antifreeze
  • storm protection
  • central control
  • automatic shading


Universal actuator for all kinds of switching tasks

The new Nano 2 Relay Tree can be used universally thanks to the two individually controllable relays. The compact flush-mounted actuator is also ideal for integrating lamps, fans, pumps, etc. using Tree technology.


Loxone Tree: Peripherals in record time

The Nano 2 Relay Tree and all other Tree products are put into operation via Plug & Play and work perfectly with all Loxone components. Thanks to the flexible cabling, commissioning is completed in just a few moments.

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scope of delivery

15x Nano 2 Relay Tree
1x smart socket


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