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The Smart Socket Air is the first switchable socket with Loxone Air technology.

  • For switching larger heating loads (e.g. infrared heaters)
  • integrated temperature sensor
  • enables power and energy measurement
  • perfect for renovators & renovators
  • based on Loxone Air radio technology


A switchable socket numerous areas of application:

  • save energy
  • Eliminate power guzzlers
  • Control consumers


The energy saving factor

With the Smart Socket Air you can convert non-switchable sockets into switchable ones!
Go to bed and switch off the TV, satellite receiver, DVD player, ... with the "Good Night" button and save energy!


TV scene for retrofitters

Integrate your TV into your TV scene with the Smart Socket Air.
If you select the TV scene on your smartphone or via a button, the television is switched on next to the lighting. And film off!


Strict TV ban

If your children are banned from watching TV, you can use the Smart Socket Air to check whether it is being observed. Use the Loxone app to check remotely or check the consumption statistics.


scope of delivery

1x Smart Socket Air

Smart Socket Air

SKU: 100115