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With the first grill thermometer fully integrated into the smart home, you become the grill master you always wanted to be. By the way, you can operate your smart home with our proven button standard.

- 2 high quality temperature sensors
- integrated timer
- full Loxone Smart Home app integration
- Integrated Touch Pure for Loxone key standard
- Integrated battery
- Guaranteed highlight at every barbecue party


The first grill thermometer that can be integrated into the smart home

Anyone who has had a nice piece of meat on the grill for too long knows that every moment counts on the way to perfect barbecue enjoyment. So that every steak, roast beef or brisket really succeeds, we make you the Loxone Touch & Grill the grill master you always wanted to be.

It is much more than the name suggests. The Loxone Touch & Grill is the world's first grill thermometer that can be fully integrated into the Loxone Smart Home.

“Medium rare” is no longer a matter of chance. Discover the smartest way to grill!


scope of delivery

1x touch & grill
2x temperature sensors (1500 mm)
1x USB power supply with 3 country adapters
1x USB A to Micro B cable (power only)
1x package folder

Touch & Grill Air

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