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The battery-operated water sensor immediately warns of incoming water and thus helps to prevent major water damage. Thanks to Loxone Air technology, the small sensor can be placed anywhere.

- Warns immediately when water enters
- Perfect for washrooms, basements, etc.
- Battery operation with up to 2 years lifespan
- Can be placed anywhere thanks to innovative Loxone Air technology
- Notification via smartphone, mail, audio system ...
- Easy assembly

Ideal protection against water damage

We recommend using the water detector in the laundry room (washing machine), kitchen (sink, dishwasher) and boiler room! The comparatively low investment can save you from great costs due to water damage.


Informed in good time

Whether at home or on the go, via smartphone, mail, audio system ... The water detector informs you immediately of escaping water. This gives you the time to react and prevent major water damage.

Innovative air technology

Equipped with our in-house radio technology, the Loxone Water Sensor Air can be easily integrated into the Loxone Smart Home and reliably detects water leaks.

Additional button

When closed, the slider acts as a button that can be used for any function in the smart home.

Easy installation

The small sensor can be attached anywhere. Simply place it on the floor so that the two brass pins come into contact with water if there is a leak


scope of delivery

1x water sensor Air

1x CR2032 button battery

1x product information

Water sensor Air

SKU: 100211